“I Help Global Companies Create Winning Teams”

– John Murphy.

The Guy to Talk to if You Want to Win at Business and Life

Using 30+ Years Experience, I Take Your Specific Goals and Turn Them
Into Reality by Helping Unlock Your True Leadership Potential
and Deliver the Results You Need…

After 30 years of experience, I’ve learned that management success is both
predictable and scalable. All you need is the right approach.

Here at John Murphy International (JMI), I bring the best strategies to the best
talent – top-tier executives across brands like Pfizer, Airbus, Vodafone,
KLM and Merck and now it’s your turn.

Do You Ever Struggle With Underperforming
Team Members and Want to Become a More
Effective and Influential Leader?

  • Is your team only achieving a fraction of its full potential and underperforming members are holding you and your team back?
  • Do you think you would benefit from improvements in your time management to optimize performance and productivity?
  • Would you like to think more strategically and be able to focus on what’s most impactful to ensure the important things get done?
  • Do you want to adapt your team culture and want to build one that fosters positive behaviours, honest relationships and more engaged team members?
  • Do you want your team aligned on the TEAM goals and be fully committed to achieving them?
  • Do you want to have a way of working together that fosters the culture
    you want?

If you answered yes to any of the above, these are the problems
I help my clients solve each and every day.

Before running my own successful coaching
business, I had a long, and thankfully, successful
career at the top of the corporate ladder, where I
held roles which included Sales Director,
CEO and Executive Chairman.

Why is this important to you?

Because I’ve had firsthand experience in the corporate world in management and
leadership roles. This experience allows me to easily step into your shoes and see the world
from your perspective. The challenges you’re facing right now, I’ve been there.

After decades of learning and testing, I’ve distilled my learning’s into a step-by-step process
that can help you reach peak performance and fast-track your results.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and drive yourself,
your team and your business forward with confidence?

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John is an action orientated advisor and coach. He gets executives and teams to focus on the key activities that will get results. He makes sure people drive through on their weekly and monthly activities and coaches them to develop areas that don’t come naturally.

John OGorman ASG Group

“Worked closely with John over a period of 2 years and found him to be very creative and professional. Look forward to working with him again.”

Gavin Gallagher Blue Sotogrande

Your Story Is the Foundation of Your Future Success.
Here’s a Little About Mine...


Dublin, Ireland.
Where it All Began

My leadership story began when I was offered a General Manager position at Friends First. I was just like you are now – an ambitious people manager taking on a new business challenge. That role gave me the chance to help turn an aging business into a major player in the insurance space.
Today, they’re one of Ireland’s biggest financial service providers.


From CEO to Entrepreneur

By the time I left the corporate world, I’d been made the CEO of Pan European Multinational Insurance Group. I discovered I enjoyed the journey to become a CEO but I craved more. It was time to take my 15 years of valuable management experience into the wild. I set up JMI so that I could build on my passion for peak performance development and spend my time dedicated to something I loved – coaching people to reach their potential and build high performing teams.


Going International

As I developed JMI’s management strategies in line with corporate thinking, its coaching style evolved, too. I moved from a face-to-face approach to a virtual coaching model to better suit the needs of my growing international client base.


International Success:
The Rewards of Smart Working

By 2012, JMI was working with an international top-tier client list including Airbus, Pfizer, and KLM. My approach to management training was beginning to gain a reputation for quality in the industry
and, over the next few years, my roster
would expand to include Vodafone,
Great West Life Co. and more.


Represented the Homeland

It was time to put my skills to the test. In 2013, I represented Ireland at the European Professional Speakers Association conference and came second. Speaking in front of hundreds of professional speakers was a huge highlight and valuable learning experience.


Embracing The Interwebs

It was time to move into the modern age
and embrace content marketing. In 2014
I launched the JMI blog and started to accumulate (raving!*) fans on social media. *self-proclaimed


Launched Amazon Best Seller & Popular Podcast

In the last few years, I’ve focused my energies on bringing management expertise to new audiences and in 2017 I wasn’t slowing down. An Amazon best-selling book – 10 Key Traits of Top Business Leaders – and a successful podcast, Winning Teams, has made JMI’s name synonymous with success at the highest level of corporate governance. You can get free access to the book right HERE.

Want My Help to Reach Your Full Leadership
Potential, Optimize Your Team’s Performance &
Take Your Business to the Next Level?

  • More productive?
  • More accountable?
  • More demanding of each other?
  • More aligned on key issues?
  • More effective at growing the business?
  • Performing better than your competitors?
  • Far better at living and communicating the vision?

My Top Team Training Program has helped teams across all industries to be more productive, more effective and achieve what they are capable of – year after year!