You must embrace the matrix structure or you will be left behind, and I say that as a real word of caution to anyone working in the matrix structure, and who find it challenging. I do quite a bit of work in the pharmaceutical industry and many of the organizations there have a matrix structure... Read more »

What do the Ship of Theseus and Leadership have in common? When we think about ourselves, we are dynamic; we are always changing. Nothing stand still – for good or for worse, we are changing and evolving into a newer version of ourselves. Spend a little bit of time reflecting on the Ship of Theseus... Read more »

A story about a company I have worked with recently, where I was made aware of the fact that there’s one under-performer. It is a common a knowledge in the organization but no one has done something about it. The cost of not doing something is significantly greater than the cost of actually doing something.... Read more »

In this short video I am sharing from, the great book. Legacy by James Kerr, which is all about the culture of the All Blacks.   The piece I refer to is where the new rookies are challenges by the elder statesman of the team with 2 questions – what do I have to offer... Read more »

So how do you spend your time? I know you measure the statistics in your business – the results. the growth, performance against budget etc – but are you paying as much attention to tracking and analysing your inputs? For example, how much time are you devoting to coaching your people, nurturing relationships, reviewing your... Read more »

Observing passers by stumble can be a good lesson in life. So often when we do stumble we go back to stare at the cause - as if we want something to blame! Doing that only succeeds in keeping us late from our destination.

In this short video I highlight the danger of thinking that your high performers don’t need your coaching and you should spend your time on the under performers!  Do that at you peril!

This weeks short video (less than 3 minutes!) I talk about that awful sense of just being too busy – perhaps even overwhelmed – and how you can reduce that stress. I know this works – I take my own advice when I feel it! This will help to get you focused on what matters... Read more »

Creating and sharing KPIs is often viewed as a “must do” activity, as if it is something that you want to get out of the way. This is a mistake. Check out my short video which illustrates the real benefit of investing the time to do it right. There is a significant ROI to be... Read more »

How are you managing your team? Are you creating a team where there is trust?