Speaking at MEGA 2016

Why Aren't I Getting the Results
I Should Be?

You have great people, products, processes and yet… Why aren't your results as good as they should be?

When you need to get more from the people you have but you don't know what to try next, it's time to listen to John.

You know you should be getting better results, but it's like you're missing a piece of the puzzle. What you need is a game-changer. Something that will jump-start the people in your team to create better results. Discover what you need to do differently to get the results that lie just beneath the surface and break through to hit new levels of productivity, sales and more. So you get the results you know are in your team.

Listening to John's game-changing keynote, you'll learn:

  • Three simple techniques to get better results with what you have
  • The one thing you need to do before you even get to work
  • How to improve results even when the going gets tough
  • Why facts and spreadsheets don't have the answer you need

John will show you that world-class performance is not as far away as you think. You'll learn simple changes in your actions, language and thoughts that will create a sustainable step-change in productivity, sales and more.

Drawing on years of coaching senior leaders in global organisations, John's stories will shed new light on what it takes to get people working at their very best, day-in and day-out, so you create the results you feel are just beyond reach.

Stop battling against the tide, and start using what you already have and know to create a new playing field, where your team wins more often and gets to the top of the league.

When John was thrown in at the deep end as the youngest Sales Director in his industry, he learned the hard way just what it takes to lead a team to deliver results. What he learnt was a game changer, leading his people to create new results, making him so successful he soon became CEO of a major life assurance company.

Since leaving corporate life to share his expertise as a consultant, author and speaker, John has worked with some of the world's leading organisations. He helps them to discover how to get more from the people they already have in their organisation and catalyse them to new productivity, sales and more.

And he can do that for you too.

"Through John's guidance, I now have a high-performing team delivering great solutions to our customers. He helped unleash the full potential of my team."

Andrew Otoo, Director, Pfizer

"Since working with John, business grew 40 percent and we won the biggest single account in our industry"

Patrick Hickey, Group MD, Rothco Ltd


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