Post Date: August 6th, 2013

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Today I have the opportunity to talk to Dustin Hartzler, owner of, about the value of building your website on WordPress as opposed to other platforms.

Dustin has worked on hundreds of websites all over the world and in this interview he shares his tips to get the most out of your site, and also how and why to take full control of the content therein.

You can listen to the full interview but I am including the show notes here for reference purposes:

  • WordPress gives you a website that you can change as your needs require you to do so.
  • It is as simple as “cut and paste” from Google docs.
  • How you can categorize the content of your site to make it more user friendly, and easier to find relevant content.
  • Allows you to control and manage your own brand
  • WordPress is geared for SEO – Google likes it for ranking purposes!
  • Why you need to get WordPress to work on mobile devices
  • The importance of continuously adding new content.

Dustin Hartlzer can be found on his website – – where there is a load of information, videos and tips.

If you would like to sharpen your skills as a leader and a manager, then why not take advantage of a free 45 minute session which will give you actions you can take straight away to make you more effective. Then go to to schedule that session.

Thanks to Jodey Smith, my podcasting technical genius, who does all the bits I don’t like for me – the editing, the uploading etc. He is a gem and can be contacted at

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