Post Date: February 1st, 2017

Winning at Business and Life Podcast    Winning at Business and Life Podcast    Winning at Business and Life Podcast


Well, so says Steve Bustin , author of The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking, You need to grab their attention away from their mobile phones or other distractions, and you have about 10 seconds for them to determine whether you are worth listening to or not! No pressure.

In his book Steve delivers to you the tools, tips and confidence to deliver engaging, creative and effective presentations.

Steve has good form in this space. He is an award-winning speaker, was named the National Speaker of the year in 2015 by the Professional Speakers Association and also an award-winning journalist.

This short book is a true treasure trove of great tips and strategies for the novice or the experienced.

His must do’s include – learning the first 2 sentences off by heart (but no more!), recording first and listening back, then rehearsing in front of a camera (yes, we know no one likes that – ever!), using slides to enhance your presentation, not as a crutch.

This is just a snippet of what Steve shares about public speaking and presentation, and you need to listen to the interview to grab more ideas and tips.

Steve offers a template which I think is brilliant to structure your content that you can download for FREE, which he calls Fishbone Template.

Steve starts his day taking care of his pets such as dogs and chickens; letting them out of the cage, feed them and makes himself a cup of tea. He says that he prioritises his animals first in the morning, and last thing at night – a great connection to nature.

The book he recommends is “Back to Life” by David Rogers which is about how to manage back pain, but which Steve found very helpful as an overall approach to life.

You can connect with Steve on the following:

Twitter: @steveinbrighton
LinkedIn: in/stevebustin

So whether you are just learning to be a public speaker or an experienced speaker, I encourage you to listen to Steve Bustin.  Click HERE!

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10 Key Traits of Top Business Leaders


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