Post Date: November 24th, 2017

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Today’s Guest on the Winning Teams Podcast is Stefan Verra, who is without a doubt the most in-demand body-language expert in Europe.

In Stefan’s talks and stage shows, he entertains and amazes tens of thousands of audience members every year, from Europe to the United States to China. He always analyses body language signals together, in context, rather than breaking everything down into individual oversimplified elements. He is a lecturer at leading Universities as well as a successful author and respected TV personality.

In this interview Stefan starts out by dispelling the myths around body language, what we should ignore and what we should look out for.  Body language is the first information we get from the person approaching us.  It determines how we see this person, is he/she friendly or is seen as an enemy?  We make this assumption within a matter of milliseconds.

We also discuss what body language signals business people should be aware of and what we should be proactively doing in terms of our own body language.  How your body language displays whether you are a good person to negotiate with, whether you are confident and whether or not you can be trusted, we don’t wait until someone speaks to us, we have to know it quicker.  He talks about how body language is a form of muscle training, the more you train those muscles that make you appear more confident and likeable, the better you come across in negotiations.

Stefan gives us some top tips on positive body language like:

  • Smile more – it signals two things; (1) you are not dangerous and (2) you are not stressed.
  • Use your eyebrows. If you’re greeting someone, raise your eyebrows during negotiations and in business life.
  • The importance of body language during a presentation and how moving from an asymmetrical position to a symmetrical position can give you more power.
  • How you should be carrying yourself for a powerful first impression.
  • How to use your eyes, mouth and hands to engage in good conversation.
  • Discover important hints from other people’s body language and learn to adjust yours accordingly.

We talk about the rules of body language in leadership and coaching and what to look out for from your audience.  Find out how engaged your audience are by looking at these two body parts!  We discuss the importance of eye contact and how he can train people to change their body language without looking unnatural.  By the way beware of anyone looking at their watch!

Daily habits and rituals; Stefan tours approximately 160 days a year.  When he’s travelling he uses noise-cancelling headphones to relax and enjoy the silence.  When he’s at home, he does sports every day.

If you want to find out more information about Stefan’s body language courses and events, please go to his YouTube channel or website

You can connect with Stefan on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Click HERE to listen!


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