Post Date: September 28th, 2015

Winning at Business and Life Podcast    Winning at Business and Life Podcast    Winning at Business and Life Podcast

My guest today, Mimika Cooney, absolutely smashes the perception that branding is for the major international companies only. As she says, branding is the foundation of every business.

Mimika is a branding expert who helps her clients attract their perfect clients and position them for higher ticket sales.

Listening to Mimika you realise that branding is not just the “fluffy” pieces of the business that are nice to get around to, but are absolutely critical to the success of any business.

It is the glue that holds everything together – it determines how people feel about you and their relationship with you.

As Mimika says – branding is your “silent salesperson”.

Fundamental to your branding is being absolutely crystal clear about your ideal client – where did we hear that before?? But, as Mimika says, if you have not got that really clear then you will flounder – and likely waste a lot of money too!

Mimika also stresses the value of video marketing – and while that is not new, her arguments are most certainly compelling why it is more important today than ever! You really need to listen to what she has to say about that.

Her book suggestion is not a big surprise – Becoming a Category of One by Joe Calloway (Available on: Amazon U.S | Amazon U.K).

You can find Mimika at – really worth going there as she has a free video series on How to Design Your Business Brand.

You can also find her on Facebook where she has a thriving community of around 1400 who share their stories about branding.

Thanks, Mimika, for being our guest today.

Click here to listen.

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