Post Date: May 11th, 2017

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Katja Schleicher who hails from The Hague, a German by birth but sees herself as a true European is our guest for today’s episode on Winning and Business and Life Podcast.

She is the Founder of Impact Communication Coaching and a fantastic communicator.

The challenge of communication, or the “heaven and hell of it”, as Katja calls it, is that the quality of it is largely in the eyes of the beholder – so who has the right measuring gauge?

Katja also believes that the skill of communication is a much underrated one and frequently not seen as a key required skill of the leader. She argues that since approximately 80% of the leaders time is spent communicating, it is extraordinary that it is not given the priority it deserves .

Effective leadership requires effective communication.

In the interview, Katja explains the process of developing your communication skills, and shares the biggest communication gaps. Listen to her tips.

If you haven’t heard about “masculine communication pattern”, then you should listen to Katja as she explains what it is about.

Katja’s favorite book includes not just one but 3! Namely:

  1. The Hundred Year Life by Linda Gratton
  2. When Cultures Collide by Richard Lewis, an absolute classic in cultural communication
  3. The Listening Leader by Emilio Galli Zugaro

Katja’s daily ritual is her handwritten (that’s important) To Do List.

You can learn more about Katja Schleicher by visiting her website at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

There is so much to learn in this episode with Katja Schleicher. So listen now

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