Post Date: June 14th, 2017

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Today’s guest is Kathy Knowles who hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

She is a former HR Director in major corporate America and then decided to be an entrepreneur about 4 years ago. She established her own business, which is all about helping others build their own successful business.

She is fondly called “the soulful business mentor” as she challenges people to be certain that the business they are building is consistent with their values and aspirations.

She believes that it is important to align our hearts, souls and our minds, and she is passionate about helping her clients achieve that.

Kathy sees so many entrepreneurs get “caught in the weeds” of their businesses and not focus on the things that matter most. Her work is to ensure that those things that matter most do get done.

Also, Kathy Knowles answers the question “is your business stealing your soul?”, which I find a fantastically challenging question.

Other key topics discussed in this conversation are:

  • Leadership
  • The importance of identifying your “whys”
  • Team profiling
  • Team cohesion

So whether you are an established business owner or are planning to set up a new business, this podcast is really worth listening to.

You can visit Kathy Knowles’ website at or email her at

You can also download her free Ebook called The Ultimate Playbook for Creating Your Dream Team. Just head to

Kathy is fond of reading books and one of her favorites is by David Hawkins, Power vs. Force, a really amazing book that talks about vibrational frequency.

And just like many successful entrepreneurs, Kathy practices meditation that has become part of her morning routine.

Listen now.

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