Post Date: October 11th, 2017

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Today’s Return Guest on Winning Teams is John Rossman, author of The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company.

This is the second of 2 interviews with John Rossman, a former executive at where he launched the 3rd party selling platform and ran the merchant service business.

In this final interview, John talks about;

  • Why being able to challenge your colleagues is critical – and it is not personal!
  • How Amazon became an operationally excellent masterpiece
  • The strong operational mindset – but don’t take it personally
  • The importance of the external “bar-raiser” during the interview process
  • Why Amazon like to hire military personnel
  • Diving deep into the 5 Whys and how this fixes the root cause of issues
  • Using internal tools for external customers
  • How a balanced portfolio of your beliefs and principles will avoid arrogance and decay within an organisation.

We discuss Jeff Bezos’s fascination with society’s ever shortening attention span and his belief that frugality drives innovation.  And how nailing desk legs to doors is a symbol of this frugality mentality! You have to hear this!

He discusses why it’s critical in Amazon to be able to give others feedback and not take it personally and how Amazon builds trust within the organisation. How Thinking big is about having a big vision and the daily progress required to get there.  The business of getting to the right result and demanding excellence out of others and understanding and respecting decision making.

This interview is a goldmine of information for anyone in a leadership role. It is full of effective techniques from Amazon that you can implement in your business.  These are not principles that were set out at the beginning, they are principles that have evolved as the business progressed.  Find out how Amazon maintained their entrepreneurial approach because of these leadership principles and dedication to metrics.

See how you can get your team making decisions with the same set of decision making values as Amazon.

Buy the book, it’s a great read and full of great content.

John is giving away a free sample chapter of his book and a poster with the visuals of the 14 Amazon Leadership Principles and you can download at

Click here to listen.

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Thanks to Jodey Smith, my podcasting technical genius, who does all the bits I don’t
like –the editing, the uploading etc. He is a gem and can be contacted at

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