Post Date: November 17th, 2017

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Today’s Guest on the Winning Teams Podcast is John Mitchell, founder of Think It, Be It, a Human Performance Company … for High Achievers. 

John started out as a CPA in Austin, Texas and by the age of 30 he became a successful entrepreneur in a range of industries. By 2013 he sold his reverse mortgage company to the largest national player in the space.  At the age of 50 John read Napoleon Hills book, “Think and Grow Rich”, which really had quite a significant impact on him and on his future success.  His passion today is sharing his surprisingly simple “success formula” with others via his company “Think it Be It”.  John also teaches his “success” methodology at University of Texas in Austin as a faculty member of the McCombs School of Business.

In this interview John talks about the pivotal moment in his life at the age of 50 where he felt he was not as successful as he thought he should be at this time in his life and how the book “Think and Grow Rich” had such an impact on him. However he simply could not find a practical way to apply the concepts from this hugely successful book, which prompted him to create a practical way to apply these principles from the book and implement them into his business.

He also talks about;

  • how to achieve what you envision on a daily basis by using his simple techniques
  • How practicing this technique for only 12 minutes a day allowed him to operate at a higher level on a daily basis
  • How he became laser focused only on what moved the needle in his business
  • How the big things come down to control of self and how to feed your ideal you to yourself everyday
  • The two key scientific discoveries – and the results

John goes into detail about his six part “Think It Be It” program which includes:

(1) a customised daily visualization

(2) goalsetting and the “why” behind each goal, plus the three key behaviours to achieve these goals

(3) His weekly personal growth program

(4) The 10 lessons on being an entrepreneur you don’t learn in school

(5) your thinking tablet and

(6) Daily and weekly to do system.

We talk about how you can sustain this mind-set and gain complete control over yourself and your business and how real leadership starts with leadership of self because when you operate at a higher level you’re going to be a lot more successful.  He also talks about how he believes his system is more beneficial than meditation and how you can apply this into your daily life.

It’s safe to say we know the book that’s made a significant influence on Johns life, however the other book is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. This book along with “How to Grow Rich” are the two core books he uses in his class at the University of Texas. Both still relevant and written a long time ago!

Daily habits and rituals; John likes to start his day by reading his daily visualisations and he ends each day preparing the next day’s schedule.  He’s on the treadmill at 5:30 every day watching the evening news and makes it a point to grow personally each and every day.

John is giving away a free gift to our listeners today.  He is offering anyone who emails him the Top Three Things an Entrepreneur Absolutely Positively Must Know to make over $1 million a year.    You can email and he will teach you those things for free.

You can connect with John on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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