Post Date: June 29th, 2017

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Today’s episode is part two of my interview with Hans Finzel.

To recap, Hans was the President and CEO of international non-profit WorldVenture for 20 years, serving over 65 countries. Today, he is the President of HDLeaders. He is also a speaker and author of many books that have been translated into over 24 languages.

In this second interview, Hans shares his thoughts on leading and managing, pointing out that it is not one or the other, it is both. Managers need to lead and Leaders need to manage.

Here’s a list of some of the words that Hans uses to differentiate leading and managing:


  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Look after the well-being of the team, and it’s individuals
  • Ensure team is working well together
  • Innovates
  • Have a long-range perspective
  • Ask questions – “What and Why?”
  • Do the right thing


  • Administer
  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Coordinate
  • Focus on systems and structure
  • Have short-range view
  • Do things right

Hans also elaborates on how he explains the difference between “persistence” and “resilience.

Also, I find it very interesting to hear what Hans has to say about the common reason many managers find it hard to delegate.

  • Fear of losing authority
  • Fear of the work being done poorly
  • Fear of the work being done better
  • Unwillingness to take the necessary time
  • Fear of depending on others
  • Lack of leadership training and positive delegation experience
  • Fear of losing value in the organization

For anyone who has the responsibility to lead and manage people, this interview with Hans is a “must listen to” podcast.

You can learn more about Hans Finzel by visiting his website at

Let me end with this quote that Hans got from his mentor, Howard Hendricks

“Your career is what you’re paid for and your calling is what you are made for.”

Listen to the interview here.

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