Managing stakeholders is not as much a priority as it should be and is one of the key reasons projects fail! At least that is my opinion, and with some good reason, may I say! I work a lot with global companies – many of whom have a matrix type structure, where there are lots... Read more »


  Today’s guests are Katy Bray and Zeb Severson, both are partners in life and also partners in establishing Lead with the Lights On. Katy describes herself as a Psychic Coach for Game Changers and is a second timer on Winning at Business and Life Podcast. Katy and Zeb founded Lead With The Lights On,... Read more »

Recently I was approached by a friend of a client (let’s call him Jeff!) who was “interested in maybe getting a bit of coaching” and he wanted to chat to me first before he made any decision, which was fine by me. Jeff’s opening question to me was: “will you tell me lots of things... Read more »

I spent the last few days visiting some vineyards and chateaux in the Bourdeaux region with a friend of mine who is a wine distributor in Ireland. Truthfully, I was along just for the pure fun and enjoyment, while my friend was working – tough I know! However, I was reminded of some valuable lessons... Read more »

We all know that the foundation for successful relationships – whether that is personal or business – is trust.