Why Business Team Coaching? The awful truth, according to the Harvard Business Review, is that Executive Teams only deliver an average of 63% of what they had agreed in their business plans!

That leaves an average of 37% that never gets delivered – what an extraordinary waste!

What is even more frightening is that these figures include the period of plenty in terms of budgets and resources. But now we are asking for more to be delivered, with considerably less resources. This is quite a challenge, even for the most highly motivated and talented teams.

The Executive Teams set the bar for performance in all organizations and, sadly, many are underperforming on their commitments, and their capabilities. That is a tragedy!

Our Business Team Coaching Program, supported by an online process, has a proven track record of transforming team performance, and will deliver real results that will make a difference to your business this year, and for the years to come. It is a transformational business team coaching program.

The Business Team Coaching Program will help your team to:

  • Set and fully align on goals
  • Work to a common team agenda
  • Hold individuals accountable like never before
  • Create a unified way of thinking and behaving
  • Have a safe atmosphere for healthy conflict
  • Build deep trust and understanding among the team.

We will tailor the business team coaching program to your specific needs and your business.

What is the Business Team Coaching Programme?

JMI's Business Team Coaching Programme  is tailored to meet the needs of your teams and your business and is delivered over a twelve-month period.

There are three key aspects to the BusinessTeam Coaching Programme: Framework for Action, On Track and uOnline all of which combine to deliver excellent business  team coaching.

1. Framework for Action (F4A)

Framework for Action is the heart of JMI's Business Team Coaching Program: a two-day team coaching workshop to create the framework on which the team can work better, faster and in a more aligned way. F4A follows a process to help the team review and learn from its past, align on the forthcoming annual goals, work to develop strong and clear accountabilities and set up an approach to enable the most effective team dynamics. The results will be a detailed team plan which documents objectives and accountabilities as well as the more transformational aspects of a successful team. This is really business team coaching in action.

2. On Track

On Track is a monthly meeting that takes place during the one-year period. It covers two aspects:

Firstly, we review progress in all areas of team performance. We'll review the team's success against goals & accountabilities as well as the softer aspects of the team's development - such as behavior , attitude, co-operations etc. This is a critical part of the team's ability to move forward and enables the team to have regular open conversation about progress and the deeper aspects of how the team is working.

Secondly, we develop and educate the team members so that they can improve how they understand and communicate with each other, with the ultimate outcome of developing trust, connection and the results of a high performing team.

On Track may work on topics such as:

  • personal responsibility & accountability.
  • team identity.
  • values-driven team behaviours.
  • Good-to-Great performance.
  • building & sustaining trust.
  • the Law of Attraction.
  • emotional intelligence.
  • delivering on personal expectations.
  • leadership practices.

3. uOnline

uOnline is our online methodology which forms the foundation of the entire BusinessTeam Coaching  Program and really delivers and supports excellent team coaching

Easy to use for both teams and their coaches, uOnline captures the team plan online, and enable you to score your monthly progress. This is a critical part of the process, which enables your team to have the necessary open conversations to help it assess, understand, challenge, develop and evolve.

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