"My promise is to help you become
a great leader of people and build a high performance team"

-John Murphy. The Guy to Talk To if You Want to Win at Business and Life

Create a High Octane Team

with John Murphy and his latest articles, videos and podcast.

Track Your Inputs

So how do you spend your time? I know you measure the statistics in your business – the results. the growth, performance against budget etc – but are you paying as much attention to tracking and analysing your inputs? For example, how much time are you devoting to coaching your people, nurturing relationships, reviewing your... Read more »

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Blogs Do Sell – Online and Offline

  If you want to make the connection between your blog and sales then listen to Cody Lister. Cody is an expert at content promotion, but content that leads directly to sales. The content is also the platform to be seen as an expert in your field.

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Top 10 Leadership Qualities Voted by 200 Global Leaders

The research on this topic was undertaken by Dr Sunnie Gile, President of Quantum Leadership Group, and shared in a recent article.

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Don’t Focus on the Stumble

Observing passers by stumble can be a good lesson in life. So often when we do stumble we go back to stare at the cause - as if we want something to blame! Doing that only succeeds in keeping us late from our destination.

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Why John Murphy International Should
Be Your Team Building Partner

“As an executive and business coach, John stands out from the pack in two key ways. First, his depth of experience as an actual former senior executive – meaning he can coach you on content and strategy as well as process. Second his structured approach to coaching coupled with a relentless drive to “dig deeper” and ask the bold questions you don’t really want to be asking yourself. If you’re looking for a coach or mentor to help you navigate the crossroads of your professional life, get unstuck or take your business up to next level, I would seriously consider John. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll be glad you did.”
Ago Cluytens
Practice Director EMEA, Rain Group
“I worked with John for a full year and was delighted with the results. He is a dedicated professional and great to work with. I would highly recommend him to any individual or company looking for lasting improvements”
Fergal McGarry – Johnson & Johnson Ltd
“The success of our group (and a subsequent group as a direct result) can be clearly related to John’s sharp intellect, obvious integrity and no nonsense approach. I value his views at all times.”
John Mulcahy – Irish Tourist Board
“John is a true professional, very results driven. He was a tremendous help to our business, enabling us to get the focus we required. I would have no challenge whatsoever in recommending him”
Ian Masterson – M Communications Ltd
“Johns approach is to talk about the elephant in the room and challenge the sacred cows. John delivers huge value to any business”
Horkans Lifestyle (John Horkan)
“John particularly taught me the importance of working “on” my business as well as working “in” the business and in doing so has ensured that I have a more successful and a more interesting and fun business to work within”
Paula Weir – Lighthouse Consulting
“John is a consummate professional. He has outstanding personal skills.John is considerate, thoughtful and always brings his many years of business skills and experiences to the table”
Aidan Murphy. Managing Director
“John is an action orientated advisor and coach. He gets executives and teams to focus on the key activities that will get results. He makes sure people drive through on their weekly and monthly activities and coaches them to develop areas that don’t come naturally.”
John OGorman. ASG Group
“Worked closely with John over a period of 2 years and found him to be very creative and professional. Look forward to working with him again.”
Gavin Gallagher. Blue Sotogrande
“John is a strong direct leader who will not shirk issues. A careful listener who constructively challenges in order to obtain best possible results. He detests the proverbial ‘elephant in the corner’ and will not allow anyone to avoid important issues.”
Ralph Peters. Inspire Results
“I have worked with John on a number of occassions and found him to be a superb facilitator and a very clear, concise communicator. He also has a great ability to get to the core of an issue and challange my thinking to look at myself and the business in a different more creative way. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending John.”
Colin ONeill. Director
“We hired John to work with our management team at ITC Group to help us develop a long term strategic focus. We found John’s input invaluable and it helped us make important decisions that have allowed the business develop in these challenging times”
Dave Gribben. ITC Group
“In the first twelve months since using John Murphy we grew the business by 40%, we won the biggest single account in our industry and successfully created an entire new operating structure for Rothco. I would be and have been delighted to recommend John Murphy to any CEO looking to establish an external partner to help harness exceptional talent within their organisation.”
Patrick Hickey. Rothco Ltd

JMI’s Top Team Training Program

My Top Team Training Program has helped teams across all industries to be more productive, more effective and achieve what they are capable of – year after year!


  • More productive?
  • More accountable?
  • More demanding of each other?
  • More aligned on key issues?
  • More effective at growing the business?
  • Performing better than your competitors?
  • Far better at living and communicating the vision?

My Top Team Training Program has helped teams across all industries to be more productive, more effective and achieve what they are capable of – year after year!





Framework for Action is the heart of JMI’s Top Team Training Program a two day team coaching workshop to create the framework on which the team can work better, faster and in more aligned way...

On the Track

We review progress in all areas of team performance. We’ll review the team’s success against goals and accountabilities as well as the softer aspects of the team’s development - such as behavior, attitude ...


uOnline is our online methodology which forms the foundation of the entire Business Team Coaching Program and really delivers and supports excellent team coaching...

Hi, I’m John Murphy and I work as an executive coach to help business owners, senior executives and management teams cope with these challenges, and many others. My background in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur in my own right really helps me to make a difference to CEOs, Senior Executives and Business Owners.

My clients would say that the main benefits of working with me include:


  • Getting a clear and solid roadmap to success in all aspects of their lives
  • They now have a really good process forgetting the important things done
  • They are really clear about their priorities, and the priorities of their team members
  • They are a more effective manager and leader of people
  • They have more effective and efficient teams